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So, I’ve had a few troubles updating this blog due to a lack of internet. But to update you all (and I know you love updates), I’m alive and well fed.

It’s customary in Jordanian culture to ensure hospitality wherever you go, whether you’re at home with family, out in cafes, or even out trailing the mind boggling sand dunes in the middle of the desert. And one of the ways most people offer their hospitality is through food. With that, I must say I have never eaten so much pita in my life. Everywhere I go and almost every meal I eat, I am consuming excess amounts of humus and pita bread. Pita and eggs for breakfast. Pita and chicken for lunch. Pita/chicken/rice for dinner. And even Pita during in between snacks- no wait, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but there’s seriously been a large amount of pita consumption in the past three Jordanian cities I’ve experienced in this week alone. I even ordered a pizza… and guess what type of bread it was served on? PITA.

This isn’t a post hating the wonderful carb-conscious staple that has been served in Jordanian homes and cafe’s for the past century (if not longer)- but it is a post in a cry out to the world that I might  to turn into a thin circular brown slice of bread, if I happen to have one more bite bite of this cherished delight.

But in another news- let’s talk serious. I’ve always been a fan of caffeine since my early days studying at Northeastern. Whether it was the long nights or early classes, I’ve grown to share endless chats and stimulating thoughts over a nice cup of coffee. More recently I’ve been exposed to a good friend who has been upholding this tradition for years. That friend, my friend, is the Arabic coffee.

Arabic coffee is brewed heavily in tiny little paper cups (or ceramic cups if you’re at a cafe) with wonderful snap handles. In this coffee the beans are traditionally brewed from cardamom- a plant native to the middle east and central Asia. Though, as typical Americans, we can be quite judgmental- especially when it comes to our serving portions- do not be surprised if when you take a sip of this morning delight that you quickly feel alarmed with heightened senses. That’s normal, and more frankly, that’s just your body saying: There’s something better than Starbucks. But even after you have your first sip or two, the best part is yet to come.

It’s when the waiter comes by and offers you more- that you can honestly say, Man that was a good cup of Jo.


Written by ryanpaynesblog

May 22, 2011 at 6:37 am

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