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Subtle Acceptance

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Despite my endless love for Amman, my love for Istanbul is beginning to bloom. It’s taken 5 days, 11 hours and 21 seconds for me to realize, this place isn’t so bad.

Yesterday I spent half the day commuting to the university where my class lectures are being held. For a lack of better words, let’s just say I’m absorbing the Turkish experience. I say this because the entire commute took an hour and a half – one way. We took the train to the last stop, hopped on a ferry, crossed Euro-Istanbul over into Asia-Istanbul, and then caught a mini bus to the university. Needless to say the commute wasn’t that bad; it gave me a chance to really reflect on my growth and overall experiential learning that I’ve absorbed since beginning of this trip.

Every day there is somewhere new to explore. I’d like to believe that Istanbul is similar in New York- with each neighborhood particularly different from the next, both cities are cities that never sleep. From the sticky-ice-cream man on the side of the corner, to the corn sellers during all hours of the night- the street vendors are what keeps the city going.

Last night, I welcomed a friend’s 21st with colleagues in Taksim Square. And as we reflected on how close we’ve gotten with one another, we couldn’t help but get separated from three other colleagues on the way to the bar- cementing in our minds that wow this is an actual city. At the bar, we danced, we laughed- but no one cried- and although we’re in a city that speaks no English-  before the end of the night, we found our friends and proved to the bartender- we know how to have fun.


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June 1, 2011 at 8:56 am

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