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Turkish Night Life

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These past couple of days, or should I rather say, nights, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the Turkish club scene. With that, I must express that for the Turks – or at least in Istanbul – it’s all about the atmosphere.

Yes, there are bars and little pubs – quiet and quaint like the ones you could find in your locals of Boston, but to be somebody or at least be noticed, you need to attend the right clubs and at the right times.

One club in particular that seems to be a favorite is Anjelique. During an outing for a girlfriend’s birthday, I was in shock by the amount of preparation taken into consideration to exhibit a multi-level, out door grandiose palace. Surrounded by the Bosphorus (Istanbul Strait), this restaurant by day, and disco by night is decked with white tables and couches, followed by a bedazzlement of blue and white lights stemming from one of the many bridges that connects Europe to Asia.

Drinks can be relatively expensive if you’re used to paying under 10.00 American Dollars. Here, you can find the pricing to be anywhere from (20-40USD) 30-50 Lira with a bottle service starting at 400 Turkish Lira. But again, in a country where you’re as foreign to them as they are to you, it’s best to overlook the slight differences in value- by the end of the night, it’ll be the memories and shared experiences that equate to a Lira well spent.



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June 4, 2011 at 3:27 pm

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