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Melemen: Tomato Paprika Eggs

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One of my favorite morning dishes:

Photo taken from Rob's plate


After scarfing down my entire plate, I took a second to analyze Rob’s plate. The Tomato Paprika Eggs begins with first a layer of sliced tomatoes- make sure you cut them in slices and not halves. Once you’ve cooked these tomatoes just enough to have the juices and chunks cover the skillet, add your first layer of choice- in this case peppers and onions. (You might want to pull out a second skillet and heat the peppers and onions before adding to the tomatoes ). Once you’ve got your tomato base and it’s first layer- add about three medium sized eggs and just let them settle on top for a minute. After a minute, add Paprika and continuously stir all layers and base to make sure everything is blended in. DO NOT OVER COOK THE EGGS. After mixing for about a minute or two, add the cheese of your choice and let settle for a good 45 seconds- 1minute.



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June 8, 2011 at 9:12 am

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