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I can recall the first time I saw all of the students from the J19 program. And to be quite frank, I didn’t think I was going to get as close with any of them as I did. Not because of anyone or anything in particular, but it was because I went to a large school. And at a school like Northeastern where your pass by thousands of  students a day, you find yourself subconsciously restricting  your circle of friends to the same fab 5 that you met upon entering your freshman year.

But this experience was different. We bonded, and we bonded fast. After the first week, it was evident that making friendships was not going to be difficult. Living in the middle east was something that I’ll never forget. From the call of prayer either waking us up – i.e. Jordan, or to the call of prayer saying “GO TO BED!!”- i.e. Turkey; there were countless memories that were made and will forever be cherished.

Inside jokes were made, and made public far too often: Anthony, his souvenirs – and the glass camel, to A.I. Smith and her kitten heals. Aside from the playful times, we worked hard. Working as foreign correspondents (J19), to working as foreign photo journalists (PJ6 — wait..that’s not our official name, is it?). We reported, we interviewed, we shot, we embraced a new culture. We entered as 32 persons, and came out respectively as one. We learned what it really meant to live and die in another country.

And I think the professors, not to be forgotten, but it’s the professors who without their help, and Carlene’s 6am emails -that this trip and experience would have never bee made. Without their nurture, and with out their nagging, we would’ve just had a traditional study abroad experience – but instead we surpassed that and we became foreign correspondents.

So not to be emotional, but since I am the token gay, I felt it was necessary to make one of my last posts directed to how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I thank you all for making my experience unique and truly unforgettable.

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Written by ryanpaynesblog

June 14, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Posted in Culture, Travel

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