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Good Afternoon, Amman.

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The 12 hour flight from New York City to Amman was quite relaxing. Maybe this was due in part of my blanket, neck pillow, eye shades, and oh yeah- two sleeping pills. We were all well fed- so there was no angry-hunger-pained students haggle with during customs while entering the country. Shortly after customs, we boarded a bus and drove 20 minutes to our hotel, The Imperial Palace (a member of the Carlton group.)

Everyone was tired. Most of us showered- some didn’t- but for those who did, enjoyed an hour to essentially rejuvenate the last bit of energy that was left. Around 7pm we met in the dinning hall of the hotel and experienced a nice meal celebrating the richness in the new culture. From tabbouleh to okra stew, we experienced a multitude of new and old Jordanian cuisine.

After we finished eating, some students headed out and experienced the city while others stayed in-doors.

I explored.

It was here that I met up with 4 girls and decided to head toward Rainbow Street. Rainbow Street, one of the closest main strips to our hotel, is mixed with both ancient and modern culture. From people selling peas and lentils on the side of the road, to young hipsters playing their guitars in the dimly lit corners of the street.


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May 14, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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